Copywriting is more than just the text that goes on your website and advertising materials. Effective copywriting reflects the values of your brand and communicates the unique benefits you provide your customers, which prompts them to make purchasing decisions. In this digital age, great copywriting is one of your most important marketing tools.

The difference between good and great copywriting is that good copywriting will educate your site visitors on what you do, great copywriting will convince them to hire you or buy from you.

Here’s the five essential steps for making your copy work for your business.

Identify Your Products Benefits

Pretty obvious, right? But you may not have identified exactly what differentiates your product from your competitors or it’s tangible value to customers. Even if you’re aware of your product benefits, previous advertising materials may not have communicated them effectively. Make sure that you can summarize the benefits of your product succinctly and compellingly. This will be the foundation of all your advertising materials.

Understand the Challenges of Your Target Audience

There’s no point in knowing the benefit of your product if you don’t understand who you’re trying to help. The benefit of your product can be concrete, personal, or intangible — just make sure that you’re addressing a pain point of your target audience.

Identify the Goal of Each Promotional Piece

It’s hard to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns if you’re not clear on what you hope to achieve. Do you want customers to sign up for your newsletter? Follow your brand on social media? Purchase a specific product? The more you focus on one goal, the easier it will be to measure your success and communicate with your audience.

Format Your Text For Easy Reading

On average, site visitors leave within the first 10-20 seconds of visiting a page. If you want them to stick around, you have to make your text easy to read. You can have several paragraphs of text, but make sure they’re categorized by clear headers and that each section is absolutely necessary. Edit, edit, and then edit again.

Include a Call to Action 

Don’t assume that your readers will know what to do with the information you provide them. Instead, give them a clear next step. Create a sense of urgency but also keep the directive simple. Don’t provide ten possible options because your audience doesn’t want to have to work for your product.

These are just some foundational tips, as effective copywriting will take practice. Spend time learning about your target audience and stay well-versed on the benefits of your product or service and you will be ahead of your competition.

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