As business owners, we put a lot of effort into the initial set up of our websites. We carefully consider design, copy, navigation, SEO, and sales funnels – everything that affects how potential customers find and use our websites.  However, after our sites are launched and any bugs are worked out, we more or less forget about them.

Of course, we don’t entirely forget. Our websites still serve as the virtual storefront to our businesses, and we hope that they’ll be working 24/7 to attract more customers.  What we do forget though is that just like storefronts, our websites have to be continually updated. You wouldn’t expect to find Valentines decorations in stores in November; and if you did, you would wonder how on top of everything those storeowners are! In order to best represent your company, your website should always display the latest information.

Here’s five ways to make sure your website is up to date:


Did you recently finish a big project for a new client?  Make sure that all of your best work is displayed on your website. Your portfolio is how you demonstrate the capabilities of your company, and you should establish that you’re continually getting new work. Similarly, if you sell products online, your inventory should always be completely up to date.


Did you recently add a new service? Altered a current service offering or removed it entirely? Having all of your service offerings clearly displayed is one of the most important aspects of your website, as it removes any confusion for visitors to your site. Sometimes, a project will reveal a new skill or service that you didn’t previously offer. Potential clients shouldn’t have to call or email to find out if you can deliver what they’re looking for.


Awards are a great way to show your business achievements, and they should be prominently displayed. Similarly, if you have recently held an event in your industry, or your company is active in the local community, then it should be evidenced on your website. 


Blogs are a great way to bring visitors to your site, establish authority in your industry, and keep your website from becoming static. However, if you commit to having a blog, you have to also commit to a regular publishing schedule. It doesn’t matter if that’s once a week or once a month, just make sure that you don’t leave your business blog to languish after your first post.


This may seem minor but keeping the copyright of your website up to date shows attention to detail.  Copyright is also how you legally protect your site from theft.

It can be difficult to remember to update your website when you have the day to day running of your business to worry about. However, making your website a priority is important for the future of your company. Make updating your website a nonnegotiable to-do for either yourself or one of your employees.

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