Your headlines is, arguably, the most important part of any content you publish. It doesn’t matter how interesting, informative, or entertaining your content is if no one reads it. If you don’t have a compelling headline, the chances of potential readers clicking on your link decreases.

How exactly does your headline affect the chances of your content being read?

Five times as many people read your headline than they do your content. By writing a headline that begs to be clicked, you will increase the amount of people who take a break from scrolling through their feed to go on your website. When they do, it becomes your responsibility to make sure every sentence encourages your readers to read the next sentence.

The hardest part is getting them to click, so we’ll start with headlines today. Here are four tips for writing great headlines:

Include Numbers in Your Headline

This does two things:

  1. It establishes how many actionable pieces of advice you’re offering/topics you’re covering
  2. It tells readers that you article will be in list form or broken up into manageable sections.

Readers want to be informed, but they also want to be able to understand the information easily and move on to implementing it. By letting readers know that exactly what to expect in the article, they’re more likely to read it.

Make Promises to Your Readers

Can you promise to change their life or transform their productivity? By making a large promise, half your readers will click on your article hoping to prove you wrong and the other half will read hoping that they will prove you right. If you deliver on your promise, you can convert first-time readers into lifelong fans or customers.

Include Adjectives

Throwing an adjective into your headline makes it sound more exciting and interesting to the reader. It can also define the kind of information you’re presenting. Words like “effortless”, “amazing”, “useful” or “brilliant” all pique the curiosity of potential readers.

Use The Phrase “Little Known Facts” or “Everything You Need to Know”

These phrases imply that you’re going to let the reader in on a secret, and that you’re also going to be offering comprehensive and valuable information. This immediately establishes you as an authority on the topic, which helps lend credibility to your content. The promise of learning everything we need to know about a topic in one blog post is hard to resist for most readers.

Great headline writing takes practice. For every article you write, think of four or five alternative headlines and test them before deciding on the final one. This may be extra work, but no more work than you put into writing your content – and these extra steps will help it get read.

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