If your website is a significant source of your business’ revenue, there is no question that you need a responsive website. If that is an unfamiliar term, a responsive website is basically a website that adapts to a number of different mediums. Your site is just as easily viewable on a desktop as it is on a smartphone or tablet. Have you ever visited a website on your smartphone only to find a tiny, barely readable and definitely not navigable version of the site you normally see on your desktop? That’s an example of an unresponsive website.

It’s frustrating to encounter, and it’s likely that you would rather visit a competitor’s responsive site than bother dealing with the inconvenience. You don’t want visitors to your website to have a similar experience. With the number of mobile users quickly eclipsing desktop users, there couldn’t be a better time to develop a responsive website.

Mobile is the Future

Evidence of increased mobile use is everywhere you look; it’s rare to visit a public space and not witness the majority of people using smartphones. A significant number of visitors to your site are going to be using a mobile device, and they expect a responsive site. In fact, 67% of shoppers say that a mobile friendly site means they’re more likely to make a purchase.

When you also consider that an estimated 5 billion people will be using mobile phones by 2017, you can’t afford to not have a website designed for their ease of use.

Ease of Use for Your Website Visitors

Responsive web designs means that your visitors can switch between their smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers without experiencing any technical issues. This means they’re far more likely to spend more time on your site.

If you have links on your site, like service pages or blogs, it’s also better to have a responsive website for sharing purposes. This way, a reader can share a link from his or her smartphone and someone who follows the link from a desktop won’t be greeted by the stripped down, mobile version of your site.

Make Your Website Easier to Manage

That’s a magic word: easier. What business owner doesn’t want to make life a little easier? By having a responsive website, you don’t have to worry about managing one website for desktop users and a separate one for mobile users. Not only is this expensive, but it would require two separate SEO campaigns, which are time consuming.

Depending on when you last updated your site, switching to responsive design doesn’t have to be very expensive. To begin designing a responsive website for your business, contact 7573 Marketing today.

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